Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


Drug Chemical:

1. More directed to relieve the symptoms alone.

2. Sympthomatis only to reduce the suffering alone.

3. More means of healing that is speculative, if appropriate disease will be cured, if not precipitate the drug would be a dangerous poison.

4. More preferred for diseases that are acute (need help immediately) such as acute asthma, acute diarrhea, fractures, infections and other acute.

5. Fast reaction, but is destructive means to weaken the other organs, particularly if used continuously for long periods.

6. Side effect can cause irritation of the stomach and liver, kidney damage, resulting in blood fats.

7. Reactions to the body.

Medicinal Herbs:

1. Direct on the cause of disease and improvement of functions and organs are damaged.

2. Rekonstruktif or organ repair and rebuild the organs, tissues or cells are damaged.

3. Kuratif mean really cure because of its treatment of sources that cause disease.

4. More preferred to prevent illness, recovery complications of chronic diseases, and other types of diseases that require long treatment.

5. Slow Reaction but constructive or repair and rebuild damaged organs.

6. Addition Effect  to almost nothing, so long as they are mixed by a skilled and experienced herbalist.

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